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How to Join Our Kidus Family

Please call to schedule a tour of our learning environment. 

A three day minimum transition is required

Day 1: Caregiver/Guardian and child remain at school for three hours.

Day 2: Caregiver/Guardian remains for for one hour, child remains for an additional two hours.

Day 3: Child remains at school alone until after lunch.

At Kidus Montessori we honor the spirit of your child. If your family needs additional time to transition, it is important that we take the necessary time to make sure your child is comfortable in their new environment.

Transition Period and Separation

Your child builds his or her trust and sense of security from your actions towards and confidence in us.  As you leave, reassure your child by saying good-bye once with confidence and love.

Trial Period

The trial period will be up to 6 weeks.  This period is used to observe the child’s adjustment to care and to talk about concerns.  Please communicate any  if concerns that you may have.  After the trial period, we will determine if child care services are satisfactory for everyone.  If any issues cannot be resolved then care may be terminated.

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